BayREN is providing zero net energy (ZNE) engineering analysis to support local governments to lead by example in their own facilities. With a focus on municipal buildings that are already funded for construction, BayREN supports city staff, contractors and design teams to identify ZNE efficiency opportunities from both an engineering and cost perspective.


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ZNE Engineering and Cost Analysis for Municipal Buildings

BayREN is providing engineering analysis to afford local governments with the necessary ground-work analysis to understand cost-effectiveness of ZNE in municipal building types and demonstrate ZNE policy feasibility for municipal building portfolios.

As part of a comprehensive set of services, BayREN’s ZNE engineering services focuses on deep energy reductions and system design to offset both gas and electric energy uses of a site, and full project cost estimates.

BayREN ZNE Menu of Services

Based on your needs, BayREN will customize a scope of work to support your design, engineering and/or contractors to identify additional opportunities for zero net energy strategies and approaches for municipal projects. Please inquire about the availability of stipends for City staff and/or design team for exploring ZNE building strategies.

Technical Assistance Information and Resources

This section provides additional resources related to municipal technical assistance.

BayREN Support for Local, Regional, and State Climate and Energy Goals

BayREN supports the efforts of local residents, businesses, and governments to help buildings achieve zero net carbon emissions. BayREN seeks to advance this goal consistent with Bay Area local government policies, including building codes and ordinances, climate action and municipal plans, and economic development initiatives. BayREN also supports and recognizes the benefits of similar goals including Zero Net Energy, Zero Net Electricity, Zero Energy Cost Buildings, Zero Energy Districts and other aligned activities.