Online Energy Code Assistance for Common Building Projects

Bay REN has developed a simple to use online guide (“ePermit Guide”) to educate homeowners and contractors about Energy Code (Title 24 Part 6) and permitting requirements for common residential building projects. Understanding that busy building departments have limited amount of time to spend on Energy Code, the ePermit Guide is intended to help city staff streamline code compliance and enforcement without interfering with the existing processes.

How It Works

Whether replacing windows or an existing water heater, the ePermit Guide helps customers find an appropriate, efficient, and compliant solution for common building project; and, generate project-specific permit paperwork.

The ePermit Guide can assist customers in the nine counties that make up the San Francisco Bay Area who want to install or replace their:

  • Domestic Water Heater
  • Windows, glass doors, and skylights (i.e. fenestration)
  • Additional options may be developed later as need, so check back again for more choices

Access the ePermit Guide

Customized ePermit Guide

The ePermit Guide can also be customized to include your municipality name, logo, and web links, directing users to your online resources and permit centers. A screenshot of the Contra Costa County ePermit Guide landing webpage is included below as an example.

“Testimonial(s) from Contra Costa County staff”

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How to Get Your Customers to use the ePermit Guide

BayREN has developed ePermit Guide Communication Materials to help address commonly asked questions and provide messaging for consistent communications about the ePermit Guide.

Links to ePermit Guide Communications Materials